Over the years, Adescor has built a few different style Sheet Winders for the Sheet Extrusion Industry. A couple of the Sheet Winders we built are fairly simplistic machines, with the basic needs of winding the product, others were more complex and customized.

One of the sheet winders that we built was completely customized to suit the customers specific product and line speeds. It had the capabilities to be winding a roll inline, as well as tape and eject the previous roll at the same time.

Basic Sheet Winder                                    Complex Sheet Winder


Custom Sheet Winder


 Multiple rolls handled at one time
 Load cell control for accumulator & winder speed
Powered rotary Cutter
 Roll ejection with weigh scale capabilities

Links to Video’s:

Sheet Winder – Rear Exit with Tape Heads

Sheet Winder – Rear Exit with Stretch Wrap

4ft Sheet Winder

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