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ADESCOR offers a wide range of perforators for pipe sizes from 50mm up to 1500mm. Hydraulic punch, drill and rotary slot
perforators are available to suit your application. The perforators can be designed to be used in-line with production or as a
secondary operation off-line. Different perforation patterns can also be accommodated. When applications require precise
slot positioning, we offer a rotary slot perforator with servo driven wheels for accuracy.


  • 50mm to 1500mm diameter pipe
  • Hydraulic punch, drill, rotary slot options
  • In-line or Offline operation
  • Touch Screen Control


Model Pipe Types Pipe Diameter Typical Operating Speed (ft/min) Max Operating Speed (ft/min) Angle Between Perforations (Two offset rows) Standard Perforation Widths
310-6SP01-X Single Wall, Dual Wall 4” | 6” | 8" | 10" 100 | 30 | 20 | 15 110 60º 0.76mm/1.52mm/2.29mm/2.79mm
310-8SP01-X Single Wall, Dual Wall 4” | 6” | 8" | 10" 100 | 30 | 20 | 15 110 45º 0.76mm/1.52mm/2.29mm/2.79mm

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