What Adescor Offers

ADESCOR is an industrial machine builder and automation company with a strong focus on developing innovative solutions for the manufacturing industry.  We take pride in designing and manufacturing machinery suited to meet our customers’ unique and specific needs in a safe and efficient manner. ADESCOR was founded in 2004 and it’s origins come from a major Canadian corrugated pipe manufacturer which was started in the mid 1980’s.

This long-term experience has given ADESCOR some major advantages including a knowledgeable and unique perspective on corrugated pipe manufacturing, which is helpful in servicing and supporting our long list of satisfied customers throughout North America and Europe.

The ADESCOR group has developed many processes for manufacturing corrugated pipe and offers a wide variety of products available for cutting, trimming, welding, coiling and handling corrugated pipe and corrugated pipe material. From our standard designs, hybrid and custom equipment can quickly be designed to meet specific pipe manufacturing equipment or process requirements.

ADESCOR sells and supports corrugated pipe machinery including: Fabricated Fittings Equipment, Spin Welders, Inner Liner Trimmers, Pipe Cut-Offs, Perforators, Haul-Offs, and entire Downstream Automation Systems.

Working with our various customers in their different industries. We are committed to developing practical, cost-effective solutions to increase productivity while also improving on operator health & safety . Our team develops automated solutions required by our customers, and understands the environment within a manufacturing plant. – Mike Harris, Operations Manager

Custom Automation Equipment

ADESCOR also builds custom automation equipment for material handling, packaging, part detection and many other types of machines, in various manufacturing plants and environments.  Some examples include equipment for plastic sheet extrusion rolling, patterned stacking systems for tubular products, and much more. With all the skills ADESCOR’s team brings to the table, there are very few things that we can’t design and manufacture!

Using SolidWorks® and being able to use multiple programming platforms, ADESCOR has the skill, experience and capability to handle large automation projects along with their many local industrial supply partners. The long-term reputation of ADESCOR in machinery automation and custom solutions should give prospective customers comfort in the capability and credibility as an industrial machine builder.