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Adescor offers a wide range of cut-offs for pipes ranging from 50mm (2“) to 1500mm (60“) inner diameter at speeds of up to 22 meters/min (70 ft/min). Adescor cut-offs utilize a knife cutting system resulting in clean, quiet operation. Cut-offs can be configured for solid wall or corrugated pipe and can be combined with an integral puller if required. With a second knife option, Adescor cut-offs are ideal for inline bell pipes. Pipe cut-offs can be programmed to account for integrated bells or reduced height corrugations and provide a precise cut at the desired location.


  • 50 - 1500mm (2 - 60”) inner pipe dia.
  • Speeds up to 22m/min (70 ft/min)
  • Single or Double Cut
  • PLC Controls and Touch Screen HMI
  • Pipe Clamping during cut
  • Servo motor driven carriage
  • Corrugation Counting


Model Pipe Diameter (ID) Max. Pipe Outer Dia. Production Rate Double Knife Option
212-COS01-X 50mm - 300mm
2" - 12"
370mm (14.5") 22m/min (70 ft/m)
424-COS01-X 100mm - 600mm
4" - 24"
750mm (29.5") 17m/min (55 ft/m)
836-COS01-XS 2000mm - 900mm
8" - 36"
1100mm (43") 7m/min (23 ft/min)
1248-COS01-X 300mm - 1200mm
12" - 48"
1500mm (60") 4m/min (13 ft/min)
1860-COS01-X 300mm - 1500mm
18"- 60"
1800mm (72") 2.7m/min (9 ft/min)

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