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Adescor offers a pipe puller designed for large diameter pipe up to 1800mm OD. The pulling force, number of belts and speed can be customized to meet the specific requirements of each customer. The belts are individually servo driven and synchronized to ensure a constant uniform speed and pulling force. A self-centering mechanism has been developed to ensure an even balance between the belts and allow for rapid changeover to new sizes. Adescor pullers can be integrated with cut-offs, or filter loaders for a reduced footprint and integrated speed controls.


  • Up to 1800mm Outer Diameter
  • Self Centering Design
  • Touch Screen Controls
  • Accurate Speed Control
  • Quick Diameter Change


Model Pipe Diameter (ID) Pipe Styles Max. Pipe Outer Dia. Production Rate No. of Belts
415-PUL01-X 100mm - 375mm
4" - 15"
Single Wall
Double Wall
750mm (29.5") 17m/min (55 ft/m) 2
1860-PUL01-X 400mm - 1500mm
18"- 60"
Double Wall 1800mm (72") 2.7m/min (9 ft/min) 2

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