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Liner Trimmers are used to trim the scrap section of the inner wall of the pipe out of an integral bell. We offer a range of automatic and semi-automatic machines that can accommodate 100mm to 1500mm diameter pipe. These units use a knife to perform the trimming operation, providing optimum cut quality and accuracy. The knife system eliminates the cutting debris and noise that is generated with circular saw trimmers. ADESCOR’s proven pipe handling technology effectively moves and positions the pipe at the required production rates. As an option these units can be supplied with pipe rotators that lift the pipes and rotate them 180 degrees to accommodate your specific pipe packaging needs. Liner trimmers can also be integrated with gasket installers and wrappers to produce a complete downstream system.


  • 100mm to 1500mm pipe diameter
  • Cycle times as low as 22 seconds
  • Automatic or Semi-Automatic options
  • Operational noise < 75 dB
  • Minimal Scrap
  • Simple Set-up
  • Touch Screen Controls


Model Pipe Diameter (ID) Minimum Cycle Time Centerline Height
418-ILT01-X 100mm - 450mm
4" - 18"
22 sec 1.4m (55")
1860-ILT01-X 450mm - 1500mm
18"- 60"
130 sec 1.75m (68.9")

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