Adescor is an independent custom machinery manufacturing adescor_products_headercompany specializing in downstream automation and continuous flow process technology. Incorporated in 2004, Adescor’s main focus’s were in the corrugated pipe and pipe extrusion equipment manufacturing.

Since then, Adescor has committed to a continuing program of product improvement providing customers with flexible solutions for various industries that can help create significant value and an edge over the competition.

What Adescor does best, is takes a problem/need that a customer has, and analyzes how this problem or need can be solved. We then develop a solution via machinery/equipment or implement controls & automation, that not only solves the initial need of the customer, but develops the solution so that it continues to services the customers future needs as well. In addition to increased productivity, the equipment Adescor builds is simple to use, maximizes operator safety while minimizing operator errors.

The manufacturing capabilities at Adescor include much more than pipe extrusion equipment. Examples of some recent machinery builds include; sheet extrusion machinery, fly cutting application equipment, part detection, automation/control upgrades, wrapping machines, material handling & packaging equipment.

Although Adescor has a lot of experience in building the equipment in the plastics industry, what makes Adescor different from it’s competitors is that everything that is designed and built is customized for that specific customer and that specific solution. We do offer specific equipment that can be manufactured based on past designs like other companies, but we work with our customers to design equipment that hasn’t been built before, in order to give a customer the specific solution they need.