As of January 7th 2015, ADESCOR has been a certified CSA Panel Shop. This means that all the electrical control panels that ADESCOR builds, can be stickered by authorized ADESCOR personnel. The sticker that ADESCOR places on the electrical panel, is a recognized CSA Master Contract Number (MC# 262034) which can be searched on CSA’s website. The picture above is the actual CSA mark that would appear on the sticker. On the CSA mark there is a “C” on the left, which represents Canada, and a “US” on the right, which represents USA. This means that both countries recognize this mark as a valid Control Panel Certification.

In many of the panels that ADESCOR constructs, you will find disconnects, fuse holders, distribution blocks, line reactors, power supplies, variable frequency drives, servo drives, contactors, overloads, PLC’s, terminal blocks, safety relays & PLC’s, push-button’s, switches, lights, HMI’s and fans. All of these various products that ADESCOR uses, must have one valid CSA or UL equivalent marking that ensures that this item meets the required standards that will allow it’s use in the certified panel.

Not only is it crucial for ADESCOR to ensure all of its products have a marking on them before going in a panel, but this also applies to the wire that is used as well. No matter which wire manufacturer ADESCOR uses, it must ensure when a roll of wire arrives, the roll itself has a valid CSA or UL equivalent marking, as well as there must be visible printing on the wire itself showing it has a CSA approved number on it.

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