ADESCOR offers a wide range of Cut-offs for pipe extrusion ranging from 50 mm ID to 1800 mm OD at speeds up to 22 m/min. All cut-off units can be designed for HDPE, polypropylene or PVC pipe. The unique knife cutting system can be configured for thin walled pipe using a single revolution or multiple revolutions for thicker pipe or more brittle material. Both cutting debris and noise (85dB or less) are significantly reduced compared to circular saw systems. These units feature a special design that eliminates the need for hose reels or electrical cables to the knife ring providing a reliable low maintenance system.

Cut-offs can be configured to cut solid wall, or single and double-walled corrugated pipe with precision and repeatability. The cutting systems range in complexity from single cutting of pipe to high-speed servo controlled systems. Corrugated pipe machines are equipped with a counting system that can be configured to detect integrally formed couplers or reduced height corrugations on pipe. This ensures the cut sequence is started at the correct location.

All machine functions are PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) and operator interface panel controlled. The ADESCOR control systems store product parameters and set-up data for each pipe resulting in rapid repeatable size changes and ease of operation. Pipe Cut-Off units ensure the travel system matches production line speed.


50mm to 1500mm pipe diameter
Speeds up to 22m/minute
Minimum scrap
Operational noise 85dB or less
Touch screen controls
Ease of setup
Exact cut sequencing
Low maintenance


Click to download the Pipe Cut-Offs Spec Sheet

Links to Video’s:

3-6 High Speed Cut-Off

Dual Head Cutter

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