ADESCOR offers long term support services for all of our equipment. We understand that markets change, production requirements change, products change. Adescor will be available to support existing equipment and help extended the life of your assets. From tooling modifications, to PLC programming changes, to drive system upgrades; Adescor will be there to help resolve any issues you have now or in the future.

Adescor can off extended warranty on manufactured items. Adescor can also offer fee based extended technical support service contracts beyond the standard one year warranty of the equipment.

Contact Technical Support


John Berkmortel
+1 519-235-0870  ext.134

Adescor has partnered with Rockwell Automation® which has expanded our resources and technology available, it has also given us access to provide technical support on electrical control related issues in native languages across the world.

Reflecting the goal of constantly striving for improvement in customer service, ADESCOR is able to offer the option of remote diagnostic support. Telephone and on-site support services are also available.