Adescor has been designing and building Custom Automated Equipment for over 20 years.  The primary focus has been in the development of equipment for the plastic extrusion industry, but these opportunities can be expanded beyond plastic extrusion products.  If you have a material handling application, secondary processing application, such as cutting, drilling, tapping, etc.  Adescor can help provide the solution you are looking for.

adescor-costummachinerybuildingAdescor solutions are custom tailored to your company requirements when it comes to components used.

We know it is important to maintain commonality in machine components and therefore, Adescor will use the brands that end users are most comfortable and familiar with. Adescor equipment will be CSA or UL approved if required by the customer.

All electrical equipment will meet the requirements set forth by CSA standard  SPE-1000-13, and or NFPA 79/UL 508.

A key to successful Custom Automated Equipment is service.  Adescor’s team works with customers through the entire machine design and build process, to ensure that equipment will meet the requirements as set out by the customer.  Adescor will perform extensive testing prior to shipment.  Adescor can offer on-site and off-site technical support via remote access to the equipment, phone support, and email support.  During installation and commissioning, Adescor technicians work with the customers operators to provide training and education on the equipment before it is released to production for use.

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Adescor is currently a member of the Rockwell Automation OEM Machine Builder Program at the Developer Level.  Being a member of this program opens up opportunities for Adescor and our customers in gaining access to Rockwell’s extensive technical and support resources.  Adescor is not limited to providing Rockwell solutions and as mentioned, will provide solutions to end users with the components of their choice when appropriate.