ADESCOR welders use a spinning head to create a friction weld between the pipe and coupler. Machines can be designed to perform face welding or outside diameter welding and are capable of operating with HDPE or polypropylene products. Cycle times are as low as 10 seconds for 110 mm ID pipe for the double head model.

Automatic spin welding systems are set up as an in-line process with automatic coupler loading. The conveying system accepts pipe from the production line, with a bypass capability. The pipe length is clamped to the machine bed while the coupler is attached to the spinning head. The clamping system ensures the best possible pipe to coupler alignment during the welding process. The finished product is then automatically discharged to the run-out table.

ADESCOR control systems allow for simple data set-up for each pipe resulting in rapid, repeatable, size changes and ease of operation. Quality assurance options include leak testing systems.

Semi-automatic face welding systems are also available and require manual loading of couplers and pipe lengths. Cycle times are dependent on operator material handling speed.

All machine functions, for all models, are controlled by a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) and operator interface panel. The electrical and pneumatic systems can be designed to accommodate specific customer requirements.


50mm to 1000mm pipe diameter
Cycle times as fast as 20 sec.
Double production volume using
double opposing head machines
Optimum pipe alignment during
welding process
Ease of pipe diameter changeover


Click to download the Spin Welders Spec Sheet

Links to Video’s:

412 Semi-Auto Spin Welder

616 Automatic Spin Welder

1240 Automatic Spin Welder

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