ADESCOR offers a machine for the conversion of large diameter scrap pipe into pieces that can be fed into a grinder.

An operator rolls a length of pipe onto the machine’s loading arm and presses the start button. The operator is then free to do other work.

The automatic scrap processor takes over with the powered pipe turning roller pulling the pipe to the end stop. The knife arm comes down and chops a notch out of the pipe. The piece falls down onto a conveyor that takes the cut piece up into the customer’s grinding system. The pipe is then rotated and the knife arm comes down again. This routine is continued until the complete diameter of the pipe has been processed. At this point the pipe turning roller reaches out and pulls the pipe to the end stop and the chopping cycle restarts. This continues until the entire pipe is consumed.


Minimum pipe diameter 600 mm
PLC controlled
Hydraulically powered
Handling conveyor optional
Simple to operate. Load and walk away.
Includes safety interlocks, can monitor grinder loading and auto pause
480 Volt, 20 Amps. 3 Phase, low power consumption
Base Machine 4.3m. long, 2.9m wide, 2.5m high, conveyor extra
Can be completely portable


Click to download the Scrap Converter Spec Sheet

Links to Video’s:

Scrap Notcher

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