Band Saws

ADESCOR Band Saws include a moveable and adjustable bed to hold pipe at multiple cut angles and are able to cut up to 1200mm pipe up to 45°. Angle adjustments require minimal set up time. The pipe saddle system and strap clamps secure the pipe in place allowing the operator to stay clear of the saw while providing a more accurate and repeatable cut. Additional safety features include an adjustable blade guard and quick stop brake motor.


ADESCOR Hotplate Tables and Heating Plates are typically comprised of aluminium plate for even heating with precise temperature control. Mould release products are not required due to a standard non-stick coating applied to the heating surface. Assembly of various elbows such as 45° and 90°, Y’s and T’s is possible.


ADESCOR Hole Saws use a cutting tooth profile designed to minimize drill power and prevent plastic material from melting on the teeth. The hole saws fit into a standard drill press and will be custom designed to your specifications. Saws are able to cut circular holes up to 600mm and are polyethylene and polypropylene compatible.


· Cut from 375 to 1500mm pipe at 45 degrees right or left
· Pipe is clamped with blade moving thru the pipe.
· Wide 200mm blade for cut flatness
· Adaptable to other products and larger diameters.


Click to download the Fabricating and Fitting Equipment Spec Sheet

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