One of Adescor’s most popular machine request since being in the market of equipment building is Coilers. Coilers themselves can range in such a wide variety and complexity. We have built simple Coilers that require mostly operator labour to produce a coil, we have built some with a lot of automatic functionality that requires minimum operator control.

Depending on the product that the customer is planning on running has a lot to do with how the Coiler is designed and how complex it needs to be. Below you will see numerous styles and types Coilers we have built in the past with a couple bulletins on what is expected with each Coiler.

        Basic Maxi-Coiler                      Front Exit Maxi-Coiler                                   Threader Maxi-Coiler



 Capacity to coil up to 4000ft of 4″ pipe
 Ability to eject coil from Coiler
Threader is servo powered for accuracy as well as start and stop for string tying
 Threader has recipes built into HMI

  Dual Head Maxi-Coiler                     Dual Head Pex-Coiler                         Standard Pex-Coiler



 Multiple coils handled at one time
 Dancer for speed control
Optional stretch wrapping
 Optional foot pedal safety control

Links to Video’s:

Semi-Auto Pex Coiler – Demo

Semi-Auto Coiler

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